Individual and customized system solutions for capturing working air and cleaning pollutants for a wide range of applications.

We protect people's health and preserve the environment

We design and manufacture individual system solutions. These capture the working air to clean it of emissions such as soldering and welding fumes, solvent, adehesive or laser vapors, and all types of dust.

The German Workplace Regulation §3 paragraph 1, appendix 3.6 requires the extraction of pollutants at the point of origin, where ventilation is stipulated as a fundamental element for a hazard-free working environment. But we go even further than that! With our system solutions, the purified air remains in the workspace, thereby protecting people’s health and safeguarding the environment.

Extraction units and filter systems – Quality “Made in Germany

Klepp Absauganlagen GmbH is your competent partner for extraction units and filter systems for a wide range of applications.

Filter systems
for gaseous substances

Combination filter systems
for laser vapour

Filter systems
for solder fume extraction

Filter systems
for welding fume extraction

Filter systems
for dust extraction - dust collectors

System solutions
for special applications