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Active through clean working air –

Klepp Absauganlagen GmbH protects the health of people in the workplace, protects the environment, offers sustainable solutions in the field of collection and filtration, and is, therefore, the number one contact for all questions concerning the separation of pollutants. We offer optimal solutions for a wide range of applications in the electronics, automotive, medical, aviation and aerospace industries, as well as many other areas in which pollutants that are generated that endanger health or processes. Using existing and newly designed components, we manufacture and install sustainable system solutions for capturing and cleaning the working air of pollutants such as soldering fumes, gases, odours, laser, solvent or adhesive vapours and various types of dust, as well as combinations thereof. Our range of services extends from extraction systems for individual workstations, for up to 40 workstations or machines.

Start your inquiry in our head office with Mr. Chris Päschel. (Picture)

Klepp GmbH Vertriebsleiter Herrn Robert Göttler

As a rule, the processing is carried out via an on-site consultation by our Sales Manager Mr. Robert Göttler (left) or a partner of our company in your vicinity. With the determination of your requirements, we create the planning of your extraction system. Everyone receives a detailed offer with information material about the systems and the detection elements.

The manufacturing of the systems is carried out in our production. Also the assembly and commissioning is done by our hand. With each plant you will receive a test book in which the performance data is documented and offers you the possibility of continuation with test data. You can also take advantage of our professional maintenance.

Our contact for technology and maintenance is our master electrician Mr. Andreas Wolf.

Gisela and Lothar Klepp as managing directors stand behind their company with all their hearts for the entire management of this well-rounded service.

(Picture Gisela Klepp, Lothar Klepp)