Our mission statement is to protect people's health at their workplace and to protect the environment. Accordingly, we manufacture individual filtersystems that precisely meet specific requirements.
About us

Nearly 40 years of clean working air!

Lothar Klepp made the right decision, when he founded a single firm “Lothar Klepp – Werkzeuge- Maschinen” in 1985. At that time, his focus was still on trading electric and pneumatic tools. However, he quickly came across a special requirement during his field service activities: “We need clean air at the workplace!”, which is why he reorganized the small company into Lothar Klepp Absauganlagen und Filtersysteme. With transforming the company into a provider for air filter systems. He laid the foundation for trading electric and pneumatic tools.

Just two years later, Lothar Klepp himself developed extraction and filter systems for the manufacturing industry. He relocated from Holzkirchen in Bavaria to Otterfing and then to Bad Aibling. Due to the constant growth and ever new challenges, the “Klepp Absauganlagen GmbH” was founded in December 2010. In 2015, his wife Gisela Klepp took over the management of the medium-sized company, which today has ten employees.

Build for the future!

The small, tightly organized high-tech manufactory has always worked on the basis of clear specifications: KLEPP is a competent and reliable partner to its customers. The company offers its customers innovative systems, that meet the constantly increasing environmental and occupational safety requirements for industry and trade. In addition, the products are developed individually and according to the customer’s specifications. In line with the motto “No compromise on quality!”, the KLEPP company is TÜV-tested and certified. The thoroughly wholesome company can report growing sales figures. In addition, sales figures abroad are developing splendidly, with KLEPP extraction systems now also in demand outside Europe.

The solder fume extraction systems, filter units for solvents, adhesive and laser fumes, dust collectors, welding fume filters, extraction tables, special and work cabinets, suction slot channels, piping, as well as Fumex® collection systems can be used in a variety of applications. For example, in industrial manufacturing, laser technologies, medical technology and in the chemical, pharmaceutical and electronics sectors. KLEPP systems are also used in laboratories, schools, universities and hairdressing salons. In other words, wherever dusts, vapors, or gases or combination of these are generated. KLEPP also plans, manufactures, sells, installs and maintains its systems.


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