For special applications

Individual extraction systems and filter systems

As specialists for clean working air, we at Klepp have been providing our customers with healthy and clean working environments through our solutions for almost 40 years. Since then, the quality of our developed extraction units and filter systems for production has been in the front of our work. We plan our systems individually and precisely adapted to the specific customer requirements. The health of your employees is our priority.

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DAIR – The new standard for workplace cleanliness

Our solution for a clean working environment is called: working in a “clean room bubble”. DAIR ensures that the air remains free of contamination by means of an invisible and imperceptible “cleanroom bubble” around the workplace. A special feature of this is a laminar air flow that constantly blows clean air over the workstation, creating a “cleanroom bubble” that protects the work surface from suspended particles.

Suitable for all work tables – compact – flexible – mobile

Production and maintenance of electrical high voltage equipment with clean room requirements

DAIR application areas
Production and maintenance of luxury watches
Pharmaceuticals - sampling
Food processing