Extraction arms

Individual and precisely fitting for your optimal air performance

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During the various work processes, impurities are generated in the air. Gas, dust and fumes affect the health of the worker, the function of the machine and possibly also the product. The collection and filtering of this contaminated air is required by the Workplace Ordinance, § 3 Paragraph 1, Appendix 3.6 Ventilation and also by DGUV Rule 109-002 Workplace Ventilation – Ventilation Measures.

The solution to these legal requirements is the extraction of the contaminated air at the point of origin. The most important part of this extraction system is the right capturing element. Only the impurities that are captured can also be cleaned in the filter system.

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Extractor arms

Fumex ME-Line

Available in diameter 50, 75, 100 mm

  • Energy saving
  • Quieter
  • Less disturbing ventilation noise
  • Low pressure drop without having to select larger dimensions
  • Easy to combine with other extractors in the same ventilation system
Extractor arms

Fumex PR-Line

Available in diameter 100, 125, 160, 200 mm

  • Easy to move
  • Support structure outside the hose
  • Inside completely clear
  • Low pressure drop
  • Different diameters and lengths
  • Different types of hoses
Standard and customizable

Working Cabinet Fumex

available in two sizes as DSK-400 and DSK-700

  • pressed aluminum profiles
  • panes in macrolon, acrylic, sheet metal or ESD conductive material

Suction Slot Channels SSK

  • Prefabricated sizes and custom-made products
  • Ideally suited in areas of 1,000 mm x 200 mm
Customized and precisely fitting

Suction Tables AST

  • Customized up to max. length 2600 mm, max. depth 1200 mm
Customized and precisely fitting

Under-Sink Suctions UTA

  • Integration into existing work tables

Customised Products

To achieve the following requirements:

  • Employee protection
  • Compliance with limit values
  • Machine protection
  • Product protection
  • General hygiene