Automotive Industry

Individual extraction systems for the automotive industry

As specialists for clean working air, we at Klepp have been providing our customers with healthy and clean working environments through our solutions for almost 40 years. Since then, the quality of our developed extraction units and filter systems for manufacturing has been the focus of our work. In order to meet the strict requirements of the automotive industry, we only offer tested equipment and systems to protect your employees.

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Filter systems
for gaseous substances

Klepp gas filtration systems offer an ideal solution for permanent, optimal extraction and filtration of pollutants from gases, odors, solvents, adhesive and laser vapors.

Filter systems
for dust extraction

Our Klepp filter units for dust offer an ideal solution for permanent and optimal extraction and filtering of toxic pollutants.

Filter systems
for solder fume extraction

Klepp solder fume filters are ideal for permanently as well as efficiently extracting and filtering the pollutants generated during the soldering process.

Filter systems
for welding fume extraction

Klepp welding fume extraction systems offer an ideal solution tailored to individual process requirements for permanent as well as effective extraction and filtration of pollutants.