Aerosols and Viruses

Klepp Virus Adsorbers (KVA) - Increased quality of life at your workplace

Airborne transmission of diseases through microparticles is rapid, as viruses often remain airborne for hours. The chance of becoming infected depends not only on the number of viruses, but also on the size of the room, the room temperature and the humidity. Special attention must be paid when working indoors, as the air continues to circulate in enclosed spaces, significantly increasing the risk of viral infection.

Our Klepp filter system provides an ideal solutions for permanent as well as efficient extraction and filtration of viruses, bacteria and mold from your environment. Our professional virus absorber is designed to neutralize 99.995% of chemical and dust particles as well as toxic microorganisms through its air purification function.
Our virus absorber convinces not only through easy operation but also by freeing your working environment from unpleasant odors. Also suitable for allergy patients!

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Virus absorber

Virus adsorber

KVA 400-8 eco

Options of application mobile
Air performance constant
Amount of air 400 m³/h
Seperation level 99.995 %
Virus combination filter containing:

  • pre-filter fleece
  • H14 suspended matter filter
  • 3.0 kg active carbon
Sound pressure level 48 dB(A)