KSF2103F eco

Production group: welding fume extraction system
Welding fume extraction system / KSF2103eco
mobile for 1 workstation

air performancenot controllable
unimpeded air flow rate1700 m³/h
real air flow rate1500 m³/h
pressure loss2600 Pa
motor1,5 kW
voltage400 V
nominal current6,1/3,5 A
rated speed2820 U/min
frequency50/60 Hz
degree of protectionIP 55
separation efficiency99,95%
dust classM and H13 (optional H14)
seperation efficiency99,95%
dimensions W x D x H (mm)660 x 760 x 1325


  • Knitted aluminium filter, cleanable
  • Class G4 pre-filter mat, replaceable
  • Class HEPA/ULPA filter of class H13, replaceable

Technical changes reserved.