Virus Adsorber KVA

Filter system for aerosols and viruses.

Klepp Absauganlagen GmbH Virus Separator KVA 200 & KVA 400 8ECO
Klepp Absauganlagen GmbH Virus separators KVA 200 & KVA 400-8ECO

All industries and private individuals are affected by the Corona Virus Covid 19 in one way or another. Your well-being is close to our heart!

The danger range here extends from a mild to fatal, and non-infection. In some cases, consequential damage to the respiratory tract remains and this must be avoided.

Take care of yourself, your relatives, your employees, customers, patients and children with a holistic concept:

  • Boost your immune system!
  • Pay attention to the air humidity, it should be between 40% and 60% RH.
  • The room temperature should be kept at 21 °C.
  • The CO2 concentration in the air should not exceed the limit of 1000 ppm.
  • Ventilate according to the workplace directive ASR 3.6
  • Use the Klepp Virus Adsorber!

Your Benefits

  • filters viruses, bacteria and mould from the air
  • 4 – 6 times the air exchange rate, depending on room size
  • quiet
  • suitable for all rooms with 230 V connection
  • cleaned exhaust air remains in the room
  • mobile
  • easy filter change
  • maintenance by us or our partners
  • low power consumption
  • suitable for continuous operation
  • controls within easy reach
  • solid construction
  • low operating costs
  • maintenance-free motor
  • filter equipment can be adapted as required

Klepp-Virus-Adsorber (KVA) Air capacity constant:

Models: KVA200KVA400-8ECO

The air capacity is constantly available and thus permanently guarantees the optimum extraction performance. The operating switch On/Off and a control lamp are located on the control panel. An optical signal indicates the need for handling and maintenance. The simplified operation of the KVA-Ecoline enables attractive purchase costs with proven system quality.

All Klepp filter systems for viruses, bacteria and mould offer ideal solutions for a durable and optimal extraction and filtering of pollutants. The pollutant-containing air is collected directly via the suction plate of the unit. Distributed in the unit over the entire filter surface, the gaseous or vaporous air pollutants are bound on the surface of the activated carbon. The contained chemical adsorbant cracks the protective lipid layer of the viruses and these are thus deactivated. The Hepa filter of class H14 filters as final stage 99.995 % of the particle sizes 0.1 – 0.2 μm.