Slotted Exhaust Channel

The Klepp Slotted Exhaust Channel

The Klepp Slotted Exhaust Channel was developed to cover an area of approx. 1,000 mm x 200 mm. Especially when standard extraction arms are not sufficient, the suction slot channel is a valuable alternative.

The suction slot channel is equipped with 2 x Ø80 mm air inlets and the minimum required air volume is 240 m³/h. A KLF 803 is therefore sufficient to create a vacuum over the table surface by means of the so-called “Coanda effect”. This allows gases and vapours, but also fine dusts to be sucked in and filtered. In addition, it is also possible to connect several suction slot channels with each other to extend the suction range. These are also available in the SSK-490-80 version with a suction width of 490 mm.

More product information here as a PDF download