Our Partners

In order to provide all services and information in the quality you are used to, and to underline our mission statement “MADE IN GERMANY”, we cooperate with reliable suppliers and partner companies in Germany.


Riensch & Held Hamburg Filter at www.riensch.de

Karl Klein Ventilatorenbau GmbH at www.karl-klein.de

Lindab Luftleitungssysteme at www.lindab.com

EBM Papst Ventilatoren at www.ebmpapst.com

Würth Montagetechnik at www.wuerth.de

Reca Norm Befestigungstechnik at www.recanorm.de

Additional Services

Debus Druckluft-Vakuumtechnik GmbH at www.debus-gmbh.de

ISI Industrieprodukte GmbH at www.isi-luftfilter.de

Sales Partners

Industrievertretung Ziegler

Herr Achim Ziegler, our reliable and competent partner in Baden- Württemberg, will visit and advise you on-site and, if desired, will also carry out the annual maintenance to maintain full extraction efficiency.

Funding Programs

Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau (KfW) – Federal funding for energy efficiency in the economy at: https://www.kfw.de/inlandsfoerderung/Unternehmen/Energie-Umwelt/F%C3%B6rderprodukte/Energieeffizienz-und-Prozessw%C3%A4rme-aus-Erneuerbaren-Energien-(295)/

to apply for funding programs: Ariso GmbH, Herr Andreas Schulz at www.ariso.eu